Bendable Plus Size Bumps-Be-Gone Flexible Foam Hangers 04 Hangers - 21in - B004D7LLX6

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  • Great For Men And Plus Size Clothing.

  • The Original With The Snap-In Plastic Swivel Hanger Hook.

  • Great For Drip-Drying Clothing.

  • Keeps Your Closet Organized And Clothing Easy To Find.

  • Our Bendable Plus Size Bumps-Be-Gone Flexible Foam Hangers is so much more then just bendable foam hangers. Sure they eliminate those annoying and embarrassing shoulder bumps created by hanging your clothing on regular hangers. However, they also are great for drip-drying your clothing because the foam not only breathes but also separates the front of your garment from the back. And talking about separating, if you have room in your closet then these hangers are wonderful at keeping your clothing from squishing each other and giving them room to breathe and giving them their own space.

    Bumps Be Gone hangers have an easy snap-in swivel hanger hook (do not be fooled buy the cheap metal ones that screw in), can be bent to accommodate any type of clothing and are cost-effective for your whole closet. These are the NEW extra-long 21-inch length which are great for mens and for plus-size clothing. Also available in the standard 18-inch length.

    Don't Be Fooled by Cheap Imitations
    Trust us! You only want hangers with the Bumps-Be-Gone brand name. These originals are constructed with quality foam; have tight-fitting end caps; and have their patented, strong snap-in, swivel hanging hook. We have purchased other foam hangers and were very disappointed. Bump-B-Gone may cost a bit more, but the price is worth it. Plus we offer quantity discounts so you can fill your closet and save.

    Bendable Plus Size Bumps-Be-Gone Flexible Foam Hangers 04 Hangers - 21in - B004D7LLX6

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